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Ginger production


Our Chinese ginger is growing in the Anqiu and Pingdu area of the People's Republic of China.

In the year 2022 we started with monthly imports form Thailand, Peru and Brazil as well. RJ Global Trading can offer the full import project service for companies.

To ensure our quality standards will be respected we are frequently present in the fields and packinghouses of China, Thailand, Peru and Brazil. Topics like food safety, traceability and social conditions for the workers are a standard agenda item for our meetings with the growers, packinghouses and exporters. Respect for people and nature is part of our companies DNA.

Our partners are Global Gap and SMETA certified.

Ginger can be supplied in boxes of 2 kgs, 3 kgs, 5 kgs, 10 kgs, 13 kgs and 13,6 kgs, root sizes are +200 gram, +250 gram or Jumbo size.


Seeding of the ginger is taking place during March.

Harvest during the month of October. With the once a year harvest year round supplies.

We are present to see how the ginger roots are sized and what we can expect on new seasons quality.

And we do that together with the chinese farmers and exporters.

The ginger roots will be kept with wet clay in plastic bags.

The plastic bags are put in carton boxes for storage and do have a traceability code.

After 2 months time the ginger skin is strong enough for processing.

The roots will go from the washing machine to next doors ginger selection room.

Ginger roots will be selected on the required quality specifications and sizes.

Random check by our own staff on packed boxes to ensure our quality standards will be respected.

After palletizing the boxes, the temperature controlled container will move to Qingdao port for export to Europe.

And finally a traditional Chinese meal with the packing house people and exporters. Cheers!